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 I asked Adam to present his film to my entire North American team at Y&R. I knew they would enjoy the film but was surprised at the feedback I got, and the transformation it had on several individuals. My intention was to inspire my strategy team to take a seemingly generic subject like happiness and understand how to dig in to it and find the ’truths’ that drive people to seek happiness in their lives. The film did that in spades. But it also inspired several of my team to realize that you get so much more out of people when you hang out with them, instead of interview them. Adam was generous enough to speak to the entire group and answer their questions. He is a brilliant story teller (despite wearing very flamboyant pants). Sandy Thompson, Young and Rubicon When you need a little inspiration, look no further than “Pursuing Happiness” The film will leave you INSPIRED to find your HAPPINESS. While some of the stories are heart-wrenching at times, the true stories of the amazing people profiled in this film will fill you with joy. You will see people who have struggled with unbearable grief but have chosen happiness above all. You will CRY, LAUGH OUT LOUD, and LOVE all at the same time. The film is filled with amazing people facing extraordinary circumstances with some happily making sacrifices for the greater good. I fell in love with each story, but the spirit and exuberance of Gloria Borges will leave you grateful, humbled, and guilty for not living your happiest life. The director and film editor Adam Shell struck the right balance of explaining how tough situations led to unbelievable hope and weaved numerous stories together to find the true essence of pursing happiness. - Tracy Scott, O’Melvany and Meyers Los Angeles Happiness is ultimately what we all seek, but how do we get there? A good start is watching this film. It will make you happy while you watch and hopefully give you some clues as to how to experience it regularly. I was also fortunate to attend a luncheon with Adam Shell, the creator of the movie, as the guest speaker. He seems to have taken the movie to heart and is also great at spreading happiness. His explanation of how the movie came to be and additional background was a very enjoyable and engaging presentation. - Jerry Katz, Kiwanis El Segundo