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What is included in the screening packages?

The license included with each screening package is for an unlimited number of public performances at a single location.  If you need additional copies to screen at multiple locations please email us and we can provide additional copies at a discount.  We will also send you three posters, 10 Wristbands and 10 postcards to help promote your event.  If you do need any additional items please email us and we can make sure you get what you need.


Why the different prices for the same film?

Pursuing Happiness was made with generous donations of our supporters, our crew and our subjects.  In order to continue to make Pursuing Happiness available to wide audiences and share its very important messages with the world, we rely heavily on your support.  Please purchase the appropriate license for your organization.  Our goal is to make the film accessible to as many people as possible, which is why we have a pricing structure designed best to fit your organization.


What is a public screening license?

A public screening license grants you the right to show the film anywhere outside your personal use.  You are required by law to purchase the public screening license in order to show the film in any sort of public setting, a place of work, a community center, a theatre or any group gathering or venue.  We review each and every purchase so please make sure to select the correct license for your establishment.


What is the personal use license?

The personal use license grants you the right to view the film in the privacy of your own home or on a personal device.  If you plan on showing the film to a group of people larger than what would be considered your family please purchase the appropriate license.  Remember we are reviewing each purchase so please be honest.  Using the wrong license is not only illegal it is embarrassing when you get caught, and it certainly doesn’t make anyone happy.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us at any time.


I want someone to come and speak at my event what do I do?

Filmmakers Adam Shell and Nicholas Kraft have spoken at many events, conferences, festivals and screenings around the world on the subject of Happiness, including presentations to the United Nations, The International Positive Education Summit, private institutions such as advertising agencies, law firms and multinational corporations.  After nearly 2 years on the road interviewing over 400 people we have so many more stories and insights to share than what we were able to fit in the film.  Our speaking engagements have been extremely engaging for audiences and continue to be a source of inspiration for both attendees as well as us.  Please let us know if you would like to have us out for your event as we would be delighted to join.  We work on a sliding scale with hopes to make every event possible so please just email us at adam@pursuinghappiness.com and we will help you put together an amazing event.



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